Yoga Travel

We do have the responsibility to explore though; world is not a stage where our only duty is to perform social roles. Hence the fact: Yoga is pursued the most in metropolises where life is at its most intense. While the city –and everything in it- flows in a rapid pace, an inevitable need generates: To stop, to feel, to listen nothing other than one’s own body and breath.

Come with us and experience your breath and body in the most beautiful parts of the world. While the rhythm of the breath waves like the ocean tiding a few feet away, we will remind ourselves of the eternity in one single moment. This is exactly what you miss while speedily drifting over the city roads, chasing goals: To feel alive. Feel the time turning into timelessness as we align the mind with the body. Experience everything you have ever known reaching the wholeness, the wholeness filling into your arms, your fingers and your heart; earning brand new expressions. Come and experience the most dreamlike, yet the most real vacation of your life.

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