What We Do

Purest Experiences

Your travel experience is built on one of our major areas of expertise in the core of your itinerary and it is also decorated with recreational and touristic attractions to make it become a unique one.

Interactivity: The Key to Create a Unique Travel Experience
Pure Travel creates travel programmes based on the client interactivity, which means the interaction of the traveller is not only essential but integral for the success of our work. Starting from the preparation of the whole programme to the on-site activities, the client takes part in the centre of everything.

Internet has become a game changer in the past 15 years. Online tour sales, a vast number of commercial airlines and many new accommodation concepts and most important of all the access to information from others' travel experiences makes it much easier and safer to travel. The possibilities that today’s technology offers, allow us to search, explore and decide, buy and consume much easier than it has ever been.

But we believe that a travel experience must be something more than to simply move from one point to another. Pure Travel offers you turnkey travel packages, based on your likings, preferences and exact needs and rigged with many interactive aspects which will put you into the core of a unique, once in a lifetime travel experience.

Groups and Individuals
Regardless of the scale of your group, we are here to conceptualise and execute customised travel itineraries based on our 12 years of expertise in travel industry.

For individuals, small or larger groups, Pure Travel takes responsibility to ensure that the whole travel experience will meet your expectations.

Choose one of our popular destinations or allow us to listen to you to find out what suits you or your group the best in order to create your tailor made programmes.

Pure Travel offers services for;
- FITs and small groups under 10 persons
- Closed groups over 10 persons
- Special interest groups
- Professional associations
- Non-profit / Non-governmental organizations
Pure Incentives: Cost effective, Distinguishable, Dissimilar and Unforgettable.

If you wish to offer your employees or clients, something more than a mainstream incentive trip you should have a close look at what Pure Travel can offer you.

Ordinary aspects of an incentive trip such as main regular touristic attractions, shopping, entertainment and nightlife can turn out to be inefficient cost-wise when it comes to impress or reward someone. We know that a unique experience is much more important in incentives than any other field in travel industry. Today’s clients seek new, unique experiences that connect them to the destination. That’s why we build our travel products on personalization and customized choices.

We originate incentive programmes, team building activities, creative special events based on the areas we are specialized on to impress and motivate your guests, making sure they will become a part of something they will always remember.