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Purest Experiences

Driven by a team of passionate professionals, Pure Travel offers you once in a lifetime travel experiences with tailor made special interest tours.

Pure Travel has three major fields that compose the basis of its travel itineraries. Yoga tours and retreats, gastronomy tours, workshops and culinary events and finally, social events such as festivals, exhibitions, art events and sport competitions.

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Yoga TravelYoga Tours, Camps and Retreats

What blame has the ocean, if your stoup is small?

In today’s world of filled-up schedules and hasty pursues, many sustain lives that are intensified in the mind. Bodies, emotions and breath are mainly deemed “useful subordinates”.

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Gastronomy Tours Gastronomy Tours, Culinary Events and Workshops

Life is shaped with choices. To value the self is a choice.

Eating, as an act, shapes not only our bodies but also our very essence. When you meticulously prepare a meal, prefer to dine with your loved ones or combine travel with palatal delight; you are giving yourself a message:
“I deserve this.”

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SocialArt and Sport Events, Festivals and Exhibitions

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